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Here are FlyLady's Books, together in print and in audio! You can read along while you listen! Scroll down to view a description of each book and to order.
This is FlyLady's system, complete with inspiring testimonials from our members, all in one book!

Now, FlyLady's successful system of conquering CHAOS and learning how to FLY (Finally Loving Yourself) is available in her first book, "Sink Reflections". Readers will learn:

It all starts with a shiny sink! (and a pair of shoes) How to remove clutter one "27 Fling Boogie" and "Hot Spot Fire Drill" at a time. How to create daily and weekly routines and a control journal. With FlyLadyÂ’s system of working in Zones you never have to spring clean again. Attitude is everything and with babysteps they too can find peace in their homes and lives.

Quotations, humor, and inspiring testimonials keep the reader moving chapter by chapter, babystep by babystep, through the process of learning about themselves, their homes, and the Peace they will find when the CHAOS is gone.

Just got the book (I've been practically camping out at the mailbox waiting for it.) Boy, was the wait ever worth it! Congratulations! It's all I thought it would be and more!!

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