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When we teach you how to de-clutter we tell you to grab some boxes and label them, put away, throw away and give away. We know that in our perfectionism that we procrastinate on de-cluttering because we don't have the right size boxes or even have any boxes. So we put it off until another day, meanwhile the clutter keeps piling up. Part of the problem with the boxes can be, the weight of filling them up. We fill these boxes and then we can't even carry them through the house to put away, carry them to the car to give away or the boxes are too heavy and big to transfer the contents into recycling bins or trash cans. We wanted to come up with something that is easy to use, easy to store and lightweight to help motivate you in de-cluttering. We have a wonderful De-Clutter kit to help you that we are just thrilled about.

We have three nylon/mesh bags that stand up, have handles,are labeled, brightly colored, collapse flat into their own bag when not in use and therefore easy to store.

The bright Pink is Put Away: while you are de-cluttering, the items that need to be put away in other rooms of the house can be placed in the bag and then carried through the house while you deliver the items to their proper home.

The bright Purple is Give Away: while you are de-cluttering and have items to bless others with, you can place them into the bag and when full carry it to the car and place in the trunk. On your next trip out, you can drop off the items and bring the bag back home with you.

The bright Green is Throw Away: while you are de-cluttering you will always come across items to be recycled or thrown away. You can even stand this bag up and place a trash can liner or paper bag in it and toss, toss, toss until full. Once full you can simply grab the liner or bag out and carry to your recycle bin or trash can, empty and take the bag back inside with you.

Each bag measures 13" L x 13" W x 22" H

Caution: When opening these bags, they will spring open into shape, please keep away from your face and children upon opening.

We received lots of questions asking how to re-fold the declutter kits. Well, FlyLady created this video for all of us to learn from. Enjoy!

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