FlyLady's Grocery Bag Set!!!!

FlyLady's Grocery Bag Set!!!!
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Introducing the FlyLady Grocery Bag Set

Did you know that this year alone there have been over 100 Billion (yes with a B) plastic bags consumed for retail shopping? That is a staggering number. Here at FlyLady we have decided that we were going to look for ways to not use so many consumable items and try to lean towards more re-useable items. We have refillable Water Bottles instead of all of those plastic bottles going into the land fill. We have Rags in a Bag, a FlyLady's Detail Duster Mitt and we now offer the FlyLady Grocery Bag Set. Become a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) kind of shopper today! These bags are so great and even better than the fact that the set has 3 standard purple ones and 2 insulated black ones, they are fun and NO more broken bags spilling your groceries all over the parking lot!! These bags stand up nicely like paper sacks and hold up to 30 pounds. The insulated bags are so nice for those cold items! For very warm or hot days we recommend you place frozen ice packs in the bags before taking them to the grocery store.

The set contains 3 purple standard grocery bags with bottom support insert and 2 insulated grocery bags with zipper top. The purple bag measures 13" high x 12 " wide x 8" deep. The black bag measures 15" high x 13 " wide x 10 " deep. The bags are made of non-woven polypropylene and have reinforced stitching for durability. For now these bags are a special edition for the Fly Shop, get them while they last.

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