Get Your Acts Together and Learn to Know Your Inner Brat (DVD/CD Set)

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We are proud to offer a DVD/CD package from Pam Young of the SHE Sisters and The Brat Factor.

Pam has put together a DVD "Get Your Acts Together" this 45-minute video is divided into a six-week program to get you and your brat organized. You'll learn how to better use your imagination and concrete direction for strategies to tame your inner brat. This program will teach the two of you (you and your brat) to get your acts together, together. The textbook used for this program is Sidetracked Home Executives: from pigpen to paradise. You will establish a daily routine; a weekly plan and you will learn to divide your home into five zones, which correspond to the five weeks in each month for monthly and seasonal tasks in a home.

The Learn to Know Your Inner Brat is a wonderful audio CD that takes you step-by-step into meeting and having a relationship with your inner brat. Pam will explain how she met her brat and how it has dramatically changed her life. With beautiful, relaxing music she will guide you into a safe place in your imagination where you can meet your inner brat. Pam shares the dialogue from her first meeting with her brat and you'll actually hear the voice of a nine-year-old brat (in case you've forgotten that sound).

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