FlyLady's Laundry Sorter!!

FlyLady's Laundry Sorter!!
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Introducing our latest fun tool to help conquer Mount Washmore! If you sort your clothes as you take them off, you have saved time and a step in the washing process. This 27 inch laundry sorter has three 9 inch compartments for sorting Darks, Whites and Colors. This is a great way to teach your children to sort laundry instead of the huge pile on the floor. The sorter has cloth handles to transport the sorter from any room to the washer. When the laundry is complete, just put it back in the sorter and deliver for putting away. We know that the all the steps in laundry are what causes us to procrastinate. This new fun tool will help get it done.

Laundry Sorter
(Dirty laundry not included!)
Laundry Sorter
The sorter is black canvas and measures 21" (h) x 27" (w) x 10" (d) with cloth handles. The sorter stands alone with no frame. No assembly required.

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