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I have been a fan of Gary Morris' since the 1980's. I had no idea that Eric Dodge was also a been a big fan of his. Eric saw Gary in Les Misérables and loved his style. Over the last year; Robert and I have gotten to know Gary personally. He is one of the good guys.

A few months ago Gary called me and told me he wanted to work on a project with me for Habitat for Humanity. He also had a new album coming out. I'm very excited to announce Gary will be making a donation to Habitat for Humanity! We may even be able to get him to Transylvania County when we get the money raised to break ground on the house.

Back in October Eric and I spent a week with Gary in Colorado while he was filming a video. We had a great time and got to hear many of his new songs performed live. Michele, Eric and I were in Amarillo for the CD release concert.

This new CD is called Single Man. Gary wrote each and every song! I know you are going to enjoy it. It will make a great gift for someone you know and Gary has given my FlyBabies a great deal!

Track List:
  1. Single Man
  2. I Love the Waffle House
  3. Woe is Me
  4. Another You
  5. Poison in your water
  6. I'll Forget to Breathe
  7. All in the Name of Love
  8. If You Were Mine
  9. Silence Says It All
  10. Midnight Madness

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