FlyLady's 12 and 16 oz. Stainless Water Bottles

FlyLady's 16 oz. Stainless Water Bottle
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In our continued quest to go "purple" (the fun way to go green), we started paying attention to the increasing number of bottled waters sold. Grocery stores dedicate entire aisles to all the different brands and sizes of plastic, water-filled bottles. It is stunning how much these assorted bottles of water cost! You can get them imported or domestic. Ergonomic, tall, short, round or square. Distilled, Spring, Mountain, Artisan, it goes on and on. There are so many choices at so many prices and we are sold on the convenience. The convenience, however, comes with a hefty price tag. Not just out of our wallets, but in our communities and landfills. Only two out of every ten water bottles sold are actually recycled. We are spending money and energy on the making of these bottles and then more money and energy on the waste of these bottles. One of the ways to save money, energy and contribute to saving the planet is to make a one time investment in a re-useable bottle.

We have searched high and low for a water bottle to offer to you all in our efforts to promote going "purple." We wanted a stainless steel bottle that was durable, that fit in the car cup holders, that had a wide enough mouth to add ice to the bottle, but also not to have to drink out of a wide mouth bottle. We really, really wanted a bottle that did not sweat!! We had to find a bottle that was double-walled to keep it from sweating all over our furniture, cars and slipping right out of our hands. While we were at it, we wanted a way to be able to personalize the bottles for the individuals that were using them. Whew! Hard work ahead, but as usual, Jack in our Fly Shop found THE bottle for us!

A 12 and 16 ounce, double-walled, stainless steel, two mouth - one large for adding ice, one small for drinking - that fits in the car cup holders with a set of interchangeable carry straps in 8 colors! We kept the bottle simple, stainless steel with no logos. Discreet, simple and, most importantly, reusable!!

This water bottle is dishwasher safe, top rack only. Also, do not use bleach or cleansers containing chlorine to clean your bottle. These cleaners may ruin your bottle.

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