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Every Friday is Clean Car Boogie Day here at FlyLady. We asked the guys to come up with a duster for the interior of the car that is as incredible as our duster for the inside of our homes. After careful research they have come up with a duster that has specially oil treated cotton strands that make them exceptional for lifting dust off vehicle interiors. This duster is meant to clean the dashboards, door panels and seats (if the seats are made of leather or vinyl). When your interior dusting is complete just shake off the excess dust outside. The more you use it the better it works. Because of the special oil treatment these dusters are not meant for anything other than your car interior. Every car should have one of these amazing dusters!! Just place it under the car seat and pull it out at least every Friday for a quick 1 minute clean up of your car! Just think about this - now all of us SHE's will know how the other half lives with a dust free car!!

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