3 Pack of Dish Towels
3 Pack of Dish Towels 3 Pack of Dish Towels 3 Pack of Dish Towels
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We absolutely love our waffle weave, 100 percent cotton Dish Towels, and are so happy to be able to offer them again. These huge Dish Towels are approximately 20 inches x 30 inches out of the pack; warm/hot washing and heat drying will shrink them to approximately 14 inches x 24 inches... remember, they're 100% cotton. If you want them to shrink less, you can wash them in cold water, as the manufacturer recommends for this very reason. You can also hang them to dry instead of drying them in an automatic heat dryer.

This time (like the first time we offered them all those years ago), they come in a 3 pack. There is NO EMBROIDERY either; they are plain, all white, which means you can bleach them if you want without fear of changing the color of the embroidery.

When you start FLYing, the first habit you practice is shining your sink. After you do Shiny Sink 101 the first time, you might not ever have to do it to that extent again; all you ever really have to do from that point on is to wipe out your sink with your Dish Towel. This type of Dish Towel will work wonders for that, and for so many other jobs (see the list below), both because of its size and because of its absorbency (remember, if you do use a fabric softening agent when laundering your towels, that will cut down on the absorbency).

Here is a list of things to do with your Dish Towels that we've thought of so far:

Laundering Instructions: The manufacturer has treated the towels with sizing to protect them during shipping, so please be sure to wash them before using. They recommend that you machine wash in cold water with like colors and tumble dry low.