The Brush Pack
The Brush Pack The Brush Pack
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Wow, look at what we've gone and done now! We offer several WONDERFUL PACKS at some incredible sale prices, and here's yet another one, but this time, with 2 of your favorite brushes.

Rubba Swisha: For years, members have asked us what kind of toilet brush to use. Our answer remains that any toilet brush will work as long as you actually use it. However, when we saw how well the Rubba Tools cleaned with just water, it made us think that offering a Rubba Swisha would be an amazing tool for our daily swishing and swiping.

The FlyLady Rubba Swisha is 17 inches long and has a round head for washing the bowl and a special side brush to get up and around the rim of the bowl. The Rubba Swisha has the same purple bristles and grey handle as the other Rubba products.

Rubba Scrubba: One of the most frustrating things about taking care of our homes is when it seems as though you need a bunch of different cleaning brushes and products to do several jobs. We found this rubber brush and discovered how multi-purpose it really is.

You will be thrilled with this little brush. All you have to do to clean it is set it on the top rack of the dishwasher when you are done using it. Please make sure you don't use the highest wash and dry heat setting on your dishwasher. FlyLady's Rubba Scrubba is 10 1/2 inches in length and 1 1/2 inches in width (across the brush head. The brush head is purple and the handle is grey. We asked you to send in some of the many uses you discovered for the Rubba Scrubba.

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The Brush Pack includes: