CHAOS to Clean (Paperback)
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CHAOS to Clean (Paperback)

Have you been living in CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)?

We are excited to share with you FlyLady's third book, CHAOS to Clean in 31 Easy BabySteps. This book will help both our new FlyBabies, and our "not so new" FlyBabies (like those who are "jumping back in where we are").

Day by day, FlyLady shows you in 31 EASY BabySteps how to rid your home (and your head) of the CHAOS that you've been living with for years. This CHAOS beats us down and robs us of precious time with our family and friends. Well, enough is enough! By utilizing BabySteps to build sound routines, you will learn how to live a clutter-free life, which is something we all deserve, after all. It's like she's right there with you, encouraging you and cheering you on!

Immersing yourself in this book will help you to realize the power of what you can accomplish in just 15 minutes at a time. No more "all day cleaning!" The routines that you learn to build will eliminate that and make house work seem automatic. You will be using time-tested methods that help you and your family to enjoy your home, and each other. At last, the free time you have been longing for will be attainable so you can become what you were meant to be!