FlyLady Carpet Sweepa
FlyLady Carpet Sweepa FlyLady Carpet Sweepa FlyLady Carpet Sweepa
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The FlyLady Carpet Sweepa offers an easy way to keep more than just your room size carpets looking great every day; it works on area rugs, too (and the corners of the smaller rugs won't get sucked up because there is no suction)! This all purple (think "purple power!"), wonderful tool will help you pick up lint, crumbs, and dirt without having to use electricity or a battery, disposable pads or even washable pads. It works fantastic with helping to get the Weekly Home Blessing done fast and efficiently, it is lightweight (which means it's easy to take from room to room and it doesn't tire you out when you use it), and it's easy to store (stand it up, hang it, or lay the handle flat to store ... you can even take the handle apart and store it that way if you're short on storage space. The "lay flat" feature is wonderful, too, for when it's time to do under the furniture). A tool that is a time saver and a space saver - PRICELESS!

The "main unit" has four (4) wheels which make it easy to "glide" this tool along. It has three (3) twisted brush rolls (2 small on the front and back and 1 large in the center) for amazing "pick up power" and four (4) small rubber corner/edge brushes for easy cleaning along the edges. This is a bagless system with two (2) "easy empty" trays; just hold it over the trashcan, press where it instructs on the trays and give a little shake ... dirt is emptied and it's ready to store (no, it doesn't have to be emptied every time, unless you've picked up A LOT of dirt).

With the four (4) sections of handle in place (each section screws onto the next section), it stands approximately 55.25 inches tall (remember, you can manually adjust the height by removing 1 or 2 sections of handle; each section of handle is approximately 11.75 inches long). There is 1 gray handle grip included to be put onto your last section of handle (top of the handle), which has a small cut out in it for hanging. There is a plastic "brush" of sorts to help in cleaning the rollers; this piece attaches right to the handle, closest to the main unit, for convenient storing (so you're not going to lose it or misplace it). The main unit is approximately 11 inches wide (at the widest point) by 8 inches deep by 2.5 inches tall.