FlyLady's Floor Duster Mop Cloth
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For those that have solid surface flooring, this is just for you. Our new Detail Floor Duster Mop Cloth fits right onto our fabulous FlyLady Mop Mop Head. This is a 100 percent cotton dust cloth made with treated wax fibers to grab hold of dirt, lint and dust bunnies. This treatment eliminates the need for water or additional cleaners. The more you use it, the better it gets! The Detail Floor Duster Mop Cloth can be used on hardwood, laminate and tile floors. As with all new products, always test a small area and check with your manufacturers' instructions before use.

Please note - the Detail Floor Duster Mop Cloth should never rest on carpets, against walls or be left in high temperature areas; staining(due to the wax and red color) and residue markings may occur. The treatment, while non-toxic, does have a slight odor when coming out of the packaging. Allow it to rest in a well ventilated area to air out. This item is an add-on to our FlyLady Mop and is approximately 11 inches wide and 11 inches long.

Detail Floor Duster Mop Cloth Care Instructions:

DO NOT wash dust mop cloth in washing machine. The dust mop cloth is treated with wax and generally does not need to be "washed." After each use, take outside and shake it out vigorously to remove any loose dirt and debris. It works much in the same way as the FlyLady CarDuster: "the dirtier it gets, the better it works!"

If it is absolutely necessary to "wash" the dust mop cloth: Hand wash the dust mop cloth, separately, in cold water with a very small amount of mild detergent (such as "Woolite") in a bucket and then air-dry.