Wise Women's Deep Moisture Serum
Wise Women's Deep Moisture Serum Wise Women's Deep Moisture Serum Wise Women's Deep Moisture Serum
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Just a few drops deliver replenishment to your thirsty skin with a powerful dose of nutrients and antioxidants to make you look and feel your most vibrant self! This serum works with our Wise Women's Deep Moisture Cream and our Wise Women's Eye, Neck and Lip Cream.

Just 2 to 3 Drops Can Help Replenish Your Skin

This deep moisture serum is advanced skincare, backed by science and delivered by nature. Applying just 2 to 3 drops will quickly soften and repair your skin to its radiant glowing beauty.

The Secret is HYDRATION!

Every ingredient works to deliver hydration that will reach the deepest layers of your skin, giving your skin the quenching it craves!

Your Thirsty Skin Will Drink This Up!

5 Hand-Selected, All-Natural Ingredients to Create Wise Women's Deep Moisture Serum:

Chosen for their all-natural skin benefits, this moisture serum works together with rice bran oil, vitamin C, licorice, honeysuckle and vitamin E to detoxify, resurface and hydrate all the while providing the nutrition your hungry skin is begging for.

To use: Gently shake the bottle. Place two to three drops into the palm of your hand and distribute evenly over face and neck before using the Wise Women's Deep Moisture Cream in the morning (after your shower). In the alternative, you can put 2 to 3 drops of this along with one pump of the moisture cream in the palm of your hand and then apply to your face and neck (do this just in the morning).

Our Promise to You:

Because we are Wise Women, the entire line of Wise Women's Skincare uses no artificial fragrances or perfumes.

All of our Wise Women's Skincare products are made from natural ingredients that are non-toxic, plant-based/vegan and cruelty-free.

Made in, and shipped from, the United States of America.