FlyLady Express

FlyLady Express

Subscriptions Offered: $4.99 per month (just 17 cents per day!) or 12 months for $54.99 (just 15 cents per day!)

The least expensive item in the FlyShop turns out to be one of the MOST IMPORTANT! This is the same FlyLady System that you have come to know and love for years now. It's the same system that has helped FlyBabies all over the world to get their homes and lives organized, and it's being offered in the convenience of just ONE (1) email per day.

Yes, we've been listening to your grumbles and groans, and while we still believe that the individual emails work best to modify your "stinkin' thinkin," we are certainly willing to give this a try. After all, we want you to FLY (Finally Love Yourself), and we are willing to help you in any way we can!

For just 17 cents per day (on average), you will receive one (1) email (it will come in the evening for most U.S. FlyBabies (to use as part of your before bed routine) and our European FlyBabies will have it for in the morning (to use as part of your morning routine). This is available to ALL OF OUR FLYBABIES, national and international!

The FlyLady Express email will include:

Once you complete your purchase after creating your account, you will receive your welcome letter. When checking out, use the same email address that you registered with. Please note that when your monthly or yearly subscription expires, you will automatically revert back to our individual emails unless you click the "Resubscribe to FlyLady Express" link at the bottom of the Express Email. We do not save your credit card data, nor do we automatically resubscribe you.

Please be sure to "safe list" (add to your email address book) and so that this once daily email gets through to your inbox.

The FlyLady Express Once Daily Message is NOT available to use with the FlyLady Messenger App.