FlyLady's Big Mop
FlyLady's Big Mop FlyLady's Big Mop
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$18.95 plus shipping

Yes, we heard the groans when we discontinued our XL Mop, so FlyLady went searching for something comparable, but even BETTER!

The FlyLady Big Mop comes with the Big Mop Head (5.75 inches x 15.75 inches), the FlyLady Handle (52.5 inches long when fully extended), and one Big Mop Cloth (8.66 inches x 15.75 inches). Additional Big Mop Cloths are available to purchase separately, as well. AND, the XL Mop Cloth, still available for sale on the FlyShop pages, can be used on this Big Mop Head.

This Big Mop with its Big Mop Head and reusable Big Mop Cloth is both a time saver and a money saver. It covers more of an area in one rotation and the cloth can be used, washed and used again. No repeated expense of purchasing disposable mop cloths, and no additional waste.

The Big Mop Cloth is nice and thick, which means you can wring it to the desired wetness and not have to run back and forth to keep rewetting it.

This Big Mop is wonderful for sealed hardwood floors, laminate floors, linoleum, luxury vinyl, ceramic and marble tile (in other words, most sealed floors), and can be used on shower walls, bathtub surrounds, vinyl siding, etc. (we're still discovering places to use it, lol!).

Laundering Instructions for Big Mop Cloth: Machine wash, warm or cold water - absolutely no fabric softener - or you can hand wash in warm or cold water. Hang or lay flat to air dry.

FlyLady's Big Mop includes: