FlyLady's Declutter Kit
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Completely Sold Out

When we teach you how to de-clutter we tell you to grab some boxes and label them: put away, throw away, and give away. We know that in our perfectionism that we procrastinate on de-cluttering because we don't have the right size boxes or even have any boxes. So we put it off until another day, meanwhile the clutter keeps piling up.

You get three nylon/mesh bags that stand up, have handles,are labeled,and are brightly colored. Each bag collapses flat into their own bag when not in use and therefore is easy to store.

  1. Bright Pink: Put Away
  2. Bright Purple: Give Away
  3. Bright Green: Throw Away

Each bag measures 13" L x 13" W x 22" H

Caution: When opening these bags, they will spring open into shape, please keep away from your face and children upon opening.

We received lots of questions asking how to re-fold the declutter kits. Well, FlyLady created this video for all of us to learn from. Enjoy!