FlyLady Messenger App Subscription (3 months)

Dear Friends,

You have waited so patiently for our App. Thank you. I want to tell you a little about its history. I am a geek at heart. So, in 1999, when I was establishing my routines and decluttering our home, I set up some simple reminders on my Palm Pilot. It became my memory. I had developed my Control Journal but I still needed to be reminded to look at it. Every hour, a reminder would pop up on my Palm Pilot. Even if I didn't actually do that item right then, it was in my head. Repetition is good to help develop lifelong habits.

The reminders in our App can be checked off to give you a sense of accomplishment. The best part is they are in your time zone. Over the years, we have all developed a love-hate relationship with email. I have always believed that our messages helped to replace the negative thoughts in our heads. We have to eliminate our stinkin' thinkin'! This sets us on the path to FLYing!

The FlyLady Messenger App is a mixture of our daily messages, testimonials, and reminders. I have been using it for several weeks. Just today, I got the reminder that asked if I had eaten any lunch. I almost laughed because I was sitting down to eat a sandwich. I do believe that I am reprogramming myself again. As I have told you for many years, I want you to delete our messages every day. With the App, the reminders start fresh each morning and the messages are geared to have a shelf-life of 24 hours. I designed the App this way to help you let them go. Messages can be opened by sliding to the left and tapping "Read." This will take you to our website to read the message. The Reminders can be double-tapped to check as "done" with a big purple check mark. At midnight, they all go away without you having to do anything.

We have priced this App so that it is affordable for everyone. Right now, it is only available for iPhone users. Eventually, it will be available for Android users. Thank you for your patience. We still have our messages free in regular email if you do not want to buy our App. You will be notified when your subscription is up for renewal. We will NOT automatically renew for you because we do not keep your credit card information on file. I hate it when this happens to me. It is like getting stuck in the "Record of the Month Club." Remember those?! I will not do that to my FlyBabies.

Use the App! Have fun with it. Let it help you to FLY!

Love you,


FlyLady Messenger is only available in the USA and for iPhone, IPad and iPod Touch running iOS 8.0 and up. We will be worldwide soon!

Here are some links for your convenience:

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