Dust and Shine Pack (Grey)
Dust and Shine Pack (Grey) Dust and Shine Pack (Grey)
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What could possibly make us happier than dusting and shining our homes? Well, the FlyCrew thinks that this wonderful, new, discounted pack known as the DUST AND SHINE PACK could very possibly make us even happier! This pack comes with our luxurious feather duster and a set of our "can't be beat" Rags in a Bag (and another great part is you get to choose which color of the rags you want...woohoo!).

Premium Feather Duster: This luxurious, voluptuous, soft, exquisite feather duster contains premium grade floss feathers (gray and black with a few PURPLE ones tucked in there). Floss feathers have the best cleaning properties. It stands at approximately 30 inches tall, measuring from the bottom of the wooden handle to the feathers' tips. From the top of the collar (that holds the feathers) to the feathers' tips, it is approximately 14 inches long, and from the bottom of the wooden handle to the top of the collar that holds the feathers, it is approximately 16 inches. (Color of natural feathers may vary).

The reason that an ostrich feather duster works is because there are no oils in the feathers. The fine feathers grab the dust and hang onto it. You just brush the feathers back and forth; there is no right or wrong way to use it. When you are finished, you take the duster outside and shake it briskly to get rid of the dust ("Bless the World!"). Care Instructions can be found here.

Rags in a Bag in grey: No more paper towels piling up in the land fill; these Rags in a Bag are washable and reusable - fun for you and less waste for the planet. This is a set of 3 deluxe grey microfiber cloths. Each cloth measures approximately 15x15 inches and the set comes with its very own zippered mesh bag for the washing machine. These rags can be used wet or dry, with just plain water, mild, soapy water or Windex. You can use these for just about anything, especially those times when you would normally reach for a paper towel. The cloths are "two-sided:" one side is flat for sensitive surfaces and the other side has raised fibers for grabbing dirt, dust and lint.

Washing instructions - machine wash in bag with detergent only - absolutely no fabric softeners - let air dry flat and use again. PLEASE NOTE: IT IS ADVISED THAT YOU WASH THE RAGS (ALONE IN WARM WATER WITH DETERGENT IN WASHING MACHINE OR A BUCKET) PRIOR TO USE.

What can the rags do?

Dust and Shine Pack (Grey) includes: