Floors Galore Pack
Floors Galore Pack Floors Galore Pack Floors Galore Pack Floors Galore Pack
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Most of us have lots of floors, and lots of different types of flooring, in our homes. Well, here's the Pack that will clean almost every floor and floor-type imaginable! From sealed hardwoods, to marble floors, to linoleums, to stick-on tiles, to ceramic and/or porcelain tiles with grout, to laminate floors, to vinyl floors and/or tiles, to almost any floor you have, these tools will be time-savers to you (and, perhaps, maybe even lifesavers, lol?).

Here's what you get for this amazing price:

The FlyLady Handle: The Handle when fully extended is 52.5 inches long; when not fully extended, it is 31.5 inches long. This design fits the Multi Wand (this item is not included in this discounted pack), the FlyLady Mop Head and the Rubba Sweepa Broom Head. The Handle attaches to the Mop Head via a compression collar; you'll find the compression collar attached to the Mop Head when it arrives to you. The threads at the bottom of the Handle are for attaching it to the Rubba Sweepa Broom Head and the Multi-Wand (this item is not included in this discounted pack).

Mop Head plus 2 Chenille Mop Cloths: The Mop Head is 6 inches wide and 12 inches long. There are clamps on either side of the Mop Head to hold the microfiber cloths in place. You attach your FlyLady Handle to the Mop Head, and you can either use the regular blue mop cloth that came on the Mop Head (this cloth is best for dry dust mopping or damp mopping), or you can switch it out and use 1 of the Chenille Mop Cloths (and then you still have 1 clean to use the next time). The Chenille Mop Cloths have those wonderful "fingers" and they work great for dry dust mopping, damp mopping or wet mopping. When you're finished with your mopping, you take the cloth off of the Mop Head, and wash it in the washing machine, and dry it in your dryer (absolutely no fabric softening agents). You can even use on shower walls, bathtub surrounds, vinyl siding, etc. (we're still discovering places to use it, lol!).

Laundering Instructions: Machine wash, warm or cold water - absolutely NO fabric softener (or you can hand wash). Machine dry, medium or low heat - absolutely NO fabric softening dryer sheets (or you can hang to air dry).

Rubba Sweepa Broom Head: The Broom Head is 14 inches long and 3 inches wide. This tool is just the best at sweeping up pet hair, crumbs, dirt, dust bunnies and more. You can even use it on carpets! You can get all along the base boards of your floor where vacuums just have a hard time getting. This is not like your typical broom where you are moving things all over the place. For sweeping, you pull it towards you; you do not push it away from you. You also don't need to pull on it very hard. Just as you have found with the Rubba Scrubba, you don't have to use a lot of elbow grease to get it to work. It works by pulling the rubber brush across what you are using it on.

Floors Galore Pack includes: