Mini Hot Pink Rags in a Bag
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Yes, I believe we've done it again! A few years back, we introduced some wonderful ways to "green clean," allowing for "sustainable cleaning" both environmentally as well as economically. We did this by offering tools that could be washed and reused, and would work wonderfully dry, or with some water, or even with non-caustic, natural cleaners. Now, to add to our Chenille Mop Cloths (regular and XL), Purple or Silver Rags in a Bag, Premium Feather Dusters, etc., we are so excited and pleased to offer our Mini Hot Pink Rags in a Bag. These beauties are approximately 7.8 inches by 7.8 inches. Each set comes with 12 of these microfiber cloths and includes the white mesh bag for laundering them in.

These Mini Hot Pink Rags in a Bag can be used for:

And, we're sure you'll find even more uses!

These will be great for leaving a few in the car, in your purse, in your travel bags, in your computer bag and in the diaper bag (as well as other places; we're very creative that way, aren't we?!).

Laundering Instructions: Machine wash in the mesh bag with detergent only (or you can hand wash). ABSOLUTELY no fabric softeners of any kind are to be used. Let air dry flat or hang to dry, and use again!

Please note: Due to the dye content of the rags, it is advised that you wash the rags (alone, in warm water with detergent, in the washing machine or in a bucket) prior to use.

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