FlyLady Mini Calendar PRE-ORDER
FlyLady Mini Calendar PRE-ORDER FlyLady Mini Calendar PRE-ORDER
$13.95 plus shipping

This is a pre-order. Calendars will ship in July

For more years than we can count, our precious FlyBabies have been asking for a pocketbook size Calendar that's "like our regular sized Calendar." Well, you ask and we are so happy to deliver!

This lovely, little 2025 Calendar is 7.5 inches wide by 6.25 inches tall when closed and 12 inches tall when opened. Each and every numbered square is 1 inch wide by 1.7 inches tall, and contains those wonderful lines we love to allow for neater, easier to read, more precise writing. You can even order either (or both) of our Stickers (Regular and Student) and use them with this Mini Calendar!

This Calendar is just like our "big" 17 Month FlyLady Calendar, with the exception of the hole punch for wall hanging and the pocket in the back. Yes, there are holidays notated, a "Notes" section or 2 for each month, and even the moon phases. And, yes, it's also a 17 Month Calendar. As always, this Calendar, like the "big" Calendar, begins in August of the current year and goes through December of the next year.