Dual Action Sorter
Dual Action Sorter
Dual Action Sorter
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FlyLady's Dual Sorter

In an effort to be frugal, we have found a tool that pulls double duty for your family. Through the years, many of us have used the previously offered FlyLady DeClutter Kit not only as a way to declutter but as pop-up hampers, as well. So, we have decided to combine these tools into one GREAT product! The more uses that you can get out of one tool, the more money you will save!

This item offers three (3) nylon/mesh bags that stand up, have handles, are labeled, and each is a different color. Each of the three (3) bags collapse flat into their own bag when not in use, which makes this item so easy to store inconspicuously.

The colors and text of each bag are:

  1. White: One side says "Give Away" and the other side says "Whites"
  2. Black: One side says "Throw Away" and the other side says "Darks"
  3. Bright Pink: One side says "Put Away" and the other side says "Colors"

Each bag measures 13 x 13 x 22 H

Caution: When opening the bags, they will spring open into shape with some force; therefore, please keep away from your face and from children when opening!

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