Up Kind of Day (Digital Download)
Up Kind of Day (Digital Download)

This new cd for kids is just so much fun! Kids and grown-ups too can enjoy dancing and rocking your way through the day! You can enjoy every minute of rock and roll, Samba, Tango and beat the Blues! The entire cd is arranged to have a fun and FLYing good time all day long! When it is time to call an end to your day, just crawl into bed and find Time to Dream with your Wings to FLY! Every song is written just for all of our FLY kids!! Enjoy!

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Up Kind of Day
Rockin' Routines
So Long Dust Samba
Camp GonnaWannaFLY
2-Minute Clean UP
Room Patrol
ToyBox Tango
Veggie Blues
Good Deed Doer
Time to Dream (Mairin's Song)
Wings to FLY

Here is a review from one of our FLY Kids, Mairin:

Dear FlyLady,

I LOVE the FlyKid CD!! I know many FlyKids and other FlyBabies will love this fun tool to get us excited and motivated to FLY.

I like the variety of singers on all the songs...kids, Eric, Amy, Andy, and you! Everyone will love the variety of music...rock, samba, tango, lullaby...slow and relaxing to upbeat and jazzy...something for everyone!

A couple of my favorite songs are:

  • So Long Dust Samba--The beat is AWESOME!
  • Camp GonnaWannaFLY--It reminds that we can have fun FLYing at home!
  • FLYKid--REALLY gets me dancing and singing!
  • I LOVE hearing your voice on Room Patrol and Mairin's Time to Dream.

Thanks for putting together such an inspiring CD for FlyKids, their Moms and other FlyBabies. These songs will bless so many families...just you wait and see!

Hope to meet you in person soon--

FLY Kid Mairin
Woodbury, Minnesota