FlyLady Cooler Bag
FlyLady Cooler Bag FlyLady Cooler Bag FlyLady Cooler Bag FlyLady Cooler Bag FlyLady Cooler Bag
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In the world of "must haves," this is a definite! This insulated, soft cooler bag will keep your food cold or warm for a worry-free ride. It's light weight and will fold to allow for easy storage (even in your vehicle). You can use it as an insulated "tote" bag, or simply secure the snaps into place and PRESTO, you've got yourself a nice looking "cooler." The color is what we call a "denim blue," and the outer fabric has a nice canvas feel to it. There is one exterior pocket. It stands at 14 inches tall (when in the "tote" position). When you use the snaps, it stands at 11 inches tall. It is 7.5 inches wide at the bottom and 15 inches long. It has 13 inch carry straps that can be put together using the Velcro attachment.

For keeping your food warm: The radiant interior liner reflects heat which keeps your hot foods warm. Just be sure to quickly zip it shut after you have placed your hot food inside the bag, so you don't allow much heat to escape. Take it with you when you're going to pick up "take out" food (it will even accommodate a medium size pizza box), and be amazed when your fries are still nice and warm by the time you get home.

For keeping your food frozen or cold: The insulated walls of the bag allow this cooler tote to keep your freezer and colder items cool for hours. Take it with you when you're going to the grocery store and feel the confidence of knowing that your ice cream won't be a melted mess if you're not going "straight home."

This bag is not only GREAT for grocery shopping, but can also be used for camping, other shopping, picnicking, etc. It's easy to spot clean and the best part: IT'S REUSEABLE!