Flip Straw Lid
Flip Straw Lid
Flip Straw Lid Flip Straw Lid Flip Straw Lid
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This "flip straw" style lid is an accessory lid (purchased separately; water bottle not included) to enhance the hydrating experience of the 32 ounce Stainless Water Bottle. The lid fits securely on our 32 ounce bottle, and allows for easy sipping and drinking of hot or cold beverages. It can be opened with a "one finger" flip.

The Flip Straw Lid measures approximately 8.75 inches in circumference (approximately 2.5 inches in diameter), and the length of the straw itself is approximately 9.75 inches and can be cut to fit any wide mouth bottle (trimming approximately 1.25 inches from the straw will provide a good fit to our 32 ounce Stainless Water Bottle). If it's too long for your bottle, just trim it from the bottom.

(Note: This lid will not fit our 16 ounce Stainless Water Bottle)

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