Homeschool Student Control Journal
Homeschool Student Control Journal
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Homeschool Student Control Journal

This Control Journal is just for the students (no adults allowed, LOL!). The FlyLady likes to refer to it as "their secret tool, full of simple little daily routines." With these routines, the students will be able to take control without having to be told by their parents or caregivers. FlyLady gives the kids the tools and techniques to do all of this and have fun at the same time. Before the school year is over, the kids will have established habits that will stay with them their entire lives.

This Control Journal is 3-hole punched for your convenience (cover page is not hole punched), it is 12 pages in length (plus the cover page) and will fit in your binder or Office in a Bag.

If you prefer to print this yourself, you may do so at this link.

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