Body Clutter Control Journal

Body Clutter Control Journal
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When we wrote Body Clutter, we knew that the book would need a Control Journal to assist you in implementing the BabySteps for you to release your Body Clutter. The book is not a magic pill to help you lose weight; it defines what we have all gone through in our lives and has us look at our reality. We have clutter in every area of our life. Keep in mind this is not a diet; we are FLY washing you into making subtle changes in your daily routines. These changes, when implemented in BabySteps will become life long habits to help you live a more healthy and active lifestyle. This Body Clutter Control Journal is just a place to write down how you feel and what BabySteps you are going to implement into your existing routines. We will look at the fuel we are putting in our bodies, how we are we are putting in our bodies, how we are moving and our attitudes that got us where we are today.

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