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Digital Download
Perfectionism is Not a Virtue

Digital Download
The Anatomy of Paper Clutter

Digital Download
Homeschool and Home Organization: You Can Have Both

Digital Download
FlyLady Live Highlands, UT

Digital Download
FlyLady Live in Las Vegas
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There are many of you that have wanted to attend the various speaking events around the country that FlyLady has been invited to. We figured out a way to bring the event to you in your very own home. We are thrilled to offer you a digital audio download of FlyLady: Live in Las Vegas OR FlyLady: Live in Highlands, Utah! These events were recorded and we have challenged ourselves to make them available to you, our members. When we say that it was recorded, we mean that FlyLady herself dragged the recording equipment across the country, through the airport and to the hotel!!

We are very grateful and appreciative to all those that helped in bringing this to you. Andy Dodge (Eric's brother) acted as our Sound Engineer and editor. Michael, our behind the scenes web guru! Thanks guys for your hard work!!

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