Caring for Your FlyLady Extreme Duster

When you receive your Extreme FlyLady Duster, you'll notice it is tightly packed in a plastic sleeve. When you slide the sleeve off, the duster looks rather thin and not nearly as fluffy as the picture advertised. That is because the duster has been wrapped in plastic for several months during transportation from our manufacturer and while in storage. The feathers on your duster will "fall" over time, but if you want to give the process a jump start, follow the steps below!

FlyLady's Extreme Duster

Pampering your duster!

When you first receive your duster and unwrap it, it will look something like this:

An unwrapped Extreme Duster

Now, take your duster and run it under a faucet. Get it completely wet (don't be shy!), then squeeze the excess water out. It will look like a skinny, wet rodent! If your duster has a slightly sticky residue due to packaging materials, simply wash the duster with some gentle shampoo or mild soap.

Rinsing the Extreme Duster A wrung-out duster

Now, take your duster outside and shake out some of the excess water. Now you have a spiky wet rodent! Then, bring it back inside and blow-dry it on high for five to ten minutes. Be sure to gently run your hand opposite the "grain" of the feathers while blowdrying to help the feathers fall. You may need someone to help you!

Shaking out the duster Blowdrying the extreme duster

After ten or so minutes, your duster will be much fluffier than it was when you got it!

Fluffed Xtreme Duster Fluffed Extreme Duster Fluffed Extreme Duster

With use, your duster will get even fluffier and more luxurious over time! Below is a sequential picture, from left to right, of a brand-new duster and a washed and dried duster:

Your Extreme Duster over time

Keep four things in mind when using your duster:

  1. If the area you are dusting for the first time is kind of greasy or really thick with dust, wash the area first with your rag and an all purpose cleaner or dusting polish. Then use your duster to keep the dust away!

  2. Do not use any dusting sprays on your feather duster. These are not necessary. The natural ostrich feathers create their own static to pick up the dust.

  3. Gently move your duster across the area your are dusting. Once it has picked up the dust, go outside and shake out the duster (bless the world).

  4. Have fun! You never knew dusting could be so easy.

For information on how to order your FlyLady Extreme Duster, click here or visit the FlyShop.

These FLY Dusters are designed and manufactured exclusively for FlyLady!