FlyLady's Rubba Dish Brushes
$8.95 plus shipping



We are so thrilled to introduce our latest addition to our line of "Rubba" tools! A set of 2 Rubba Dish Brushes to make doing the dishes easier on your hands and your dishes. While these were made for dishes, they really can be used for anything! They are fabulous for maintaining a shiny sink and much more.

There is the dish/pan brush that has a round head and an amazing feature of a lip scrubber. There are certain types of dishes (also lids to pots and pans) that have a rim or lip on them and the pan brush has a small set of bristles to get up underneath that rim! Simply brilliant! There is also a bottle/glass type brush with squeegee type blades on it to scrub and scrape the sides of things that are deep and narrow.

This set of Rubba Dish Brushes will be your new best friend in the kitchen! We love tools that make our lives easier. These brushes are made out of rubber with hard plastic handles and are very gentle on your dishes, glasses and pans. Get yours today!

The dish/pan brush measures: 12 1/2 inches
The glass/bottle brush measures: 12 1/2 inches
(the Rubba Dish Brushes are Purple and Gray)