FlyLady's Favorites Package
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FlyLady's Favorites Package

In this package, you will find FlyLady's (and all of us here at the FlyShop) most frequently used tools. We have added a few new products over the years, so we wanted to make sure to add them to this wonderful package for all of our FlyBabies. We all use these tools in our own homes everyday, and want you to be able to experience the ease of use associated with every one.

Products included in the FlyLady's Favorites Package are:

  1. FlyLady Handle
  2. FlyLady Mop Head
  3. Rubba Sweepa Head
  4. The Chenille Microfiber Mop Cloth
  5. FlyLady's Multi-Wand
  6. Silver Rags in a Bag
  7. FlyLady's Mop Refills
  8. FlyLady's Rubba Scrubba
  9. FlyLady's Rubba Swisha
  10. FlyLady's Feather Duster