The FlyLady ULTIMATE Cleaning Pack
The FlyLady ULTIMATE Cleaning Pack The FlyLady ULTIMATE Cleaning Pack The FlyLady ULTIMATE Cleaning Pack The FlyLady ULTIMATE Cleaning Pack The FlyLady ULTIMATE Cleaning Pack The FlyLady ULTIMATE Cleaning Pack The FlyLady ULTIMATE Cleaning Pack The FlyLady ULTIMATE Cleaning Pack The FlyLady ULTIMATE Cleaning Pack The FlyLady ULTIMATE Cleaning Pack The FlyLady ULTIMATE Cleaning Pack
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You don’t need to groan any longer! Here it is: The FlyLady ULTIMATE Cleaning Pack. This Pack has the tools you’ll need to FLY through your daily and weekly routines.

Rubba Sweepa Broom Head: This tool is just the best at sweeping up pet hair, crumbs, dirt, dust bunnies and more. You can even use it on carpets! You can get all along the base boards of your floor where vacuums just have a hard time getting. This is not like your typical broom where you are moving things all over the place. For sweeping, you pull it toward you, you do not push it away from you. You also do not need to pull on it very hard, just as you have found with the Rubba Scrubba - you don't have to use a lot of elbow grease to get it to work. It works by pulling the rubber brush across what you are using it on. The FlyLady Handle will attach to the Rubba Sweepa Broom Head, and it can be shortened to allow your little ones to help, too!

Big Mop Head: It measures 5.75 inches x 15.75 inches and comes with one Big Mop Cloth (8.66 inches x 15.75 inches) attached to it, which can be removed. There are 2 spring loaded clamps on either side of the mop head (4 in total) that keep the Big Mop Cloth securely attached to the Big Mop Head. These clamps are easy to open and close, as well.

Big Mop Cloth is nice and thick, which means you can wring it to the desired wetness and not have to run back and forth to keep rewetting it.

This cloth (8.66 inches x 15.75 inches) fits securely on the Big Mop Head via 4 easy to open and close clamps. The cloths can be used, washed and used again. No repeated expense of purchasing disposable mop cloths, and no additional waste.

Laundering Instructions for Big Mop Cloth: Machine wash, warm or cold water - absolutely no fabric softener - or you can hand wash in warm or cold water. Hang or lay flat to air dry.

You attach the FlyLady Handle to the Big Mop Head using the compression collar, and you can use the Big Mop Cloth that came on the Big Mop Head to dry dust mop, damp mop or wet mop. You can always order additional Big Mop Cloths (available here separately, as well), so you’ll always have a clean one! When you're finished mopping, you take the Big Mop Cloth off of the Big Mop Head, and wash it in the washing machine, no fabric softeners, and then lay flat or line dry. The Big Mop works great on sealed hardwood floors, linoleum, ceramic and marble tile, and is WONDERFUL on shower walls, bathtub surrounds, vinyl siding, etc. (we're still discovering places to use it, lol!).

FlyLady’s Multi-Wand: With the tried and true excellence of microfiber material, this versatile tool can be used handheld OR attached to the FlyLady Handle (the extendable handle that fits the Mop Head, the Big Mop Head, the previously offered XL Mop Head, the Multi Wand and the Broom Head). The handheld portion measures approximately 23 inches in length (18 inches microfiber, 5 inches built in handle).

The Multi-Wand, when attached to the FlyLady Handle, measures approximately 6 feet in length. The microfiber cloth portion measures approximately 3 inches wide and is purple microfiber chenille. It can be used damp, dry, or wet. It is machine washable and reusable. It is bendable to fit any angle or tight spot! You are certain to find unlimited uses from blessing your home to washing your car.

The FlyCrew has, so far, used it for dusting door frames and can lights, fan blades and corners of ceilings. It works great for washing the tops of cars, vans and trucks since you can put it on the Handle to extend its reach. We have used it dampened to clean the tops of refrigerators, and under refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, etc. (unplug the appliance before using it to clean under the appliance).

This is one of the greatest universal, bendable and extendable tools that we have found to date!

Laundering Instructions for the Multi Wand Cloth: Pull the cloth off of the handle. Machine wash, warm or cold water - absolutely NO fabric softener (or you can hand wash). Machine dry, medium or low heat - absolutely NO fabric softening dryer sheets (or you can hang to air dry).

The FlyLady Handle: The FlyLady Handle when fully extended is 52.5 inches long; when not fully extended, it is 31.5 inches long. Our newest design fits the Multi Wand, regular Mop Head, Big Mop Head, previously sold XL Mop Head and Rubba Sweepa Broom Head. The Handle attaches to the Mop Head(s) via a compression collar; you'll find the compression collar attached to the Mop Head(s) when it arrives to you. The threads at the bottom of the Handle are for attaching it to the Rubba Sweepa Broom Head and the Multi-Wand.

Rubba Swisha and Purple Rags in a Bag (also known as the Swish and Swipe Pack): As you know, FlyLady does a Swish and Swipe every day, and these tools MAKE IT FUN TO GET THE JOB DONE! We know you shouldn’t get too excited over a toilet brush, but we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to our Rubba Swisha. It has that hook that gets under the rim, and it’s all rubber and plastic, so no metal scratches on the porcelain and no rust! And, well, you know how much we love our Rags in a Bag! You can use these for just about anything, especially those times when you would normally reach for a paper towel. The cloths are "two-sided:" one side is flat for sensitive surfaces and the other side has raised fibers for grabbing dirt, dust and lint. They work great on the mirrors and sink, toilet tanks, seats, etc.

Laundering Instructions for the Purple Rags in a Bag – machine was in bag with detergent only – absolutely no fabric softeners – let air dry and use again.


Rubba Swisha Vase: Since we love to buy our toilet brushes with a holder (as many of our FlyBabies have written and told us, lol), we are so pleased to offer this Vase. It will hold your Rubba Swisha and soapy mixture which will make Swishing and Swiping a breeze! Swishing and swiping is one of our foundation habits that keep our bathrooms always company ready. FlyLady recommends that you keep a solution of one-part shampoo, bubble bath, soap or body wash that you don't like or don't use anymore in the container with one-part water. This is just enough soap to give your toilet a good swish. It is the act of swishing that keeps stuff from growing in there. The Rubba Swisha Vase measures approximately 8.75 inches tall and has a diameter at the top and bottom of approximately 4.25 inches (circumference of 8.5 inches). It is made from a hard plastic/resin material. Rubba Scrubba: This is the brush that you can use almost anywhere to do almost anything! We asked you to send in some of the many uses you discovered for the Rubba Scrubba. Click here to see all the great ideas.

Premium Feather Duster: This luxurious, voluptuous, soft, exquisite feather duster contains premium grade floss feathers (gray and black with a few PURPLE ones tucked in there). Floss feathers have the best cleaning properties. It stands at approximately 30 inches tall, measuring from the bottom of the wooden handle to the feathers' tips. From the top of the collar (that holds the feathers) to the feathers' tips, it is approximately 14 inches long, and from the bottom of the wooden handle to the top of the collar that holds the feathers, it is approximately 16 inches.

The reason that an ostrich feather duster works is because there are no oils in the feathers. The fine feathers grab the dust and hang onto it. You just brush the feathers back and forth; there is no right or wrong way to use it. When you are finished, you take the duster outside and shake it briskly to get rid of the dust ("Bless the World!"). Care Instructions can be found here.

Carpet Sweepa: This offers an easy way to keep more than just your room size carpets looking great every day; it works on area rugs, too (and the corners of the smaller rugs won't get sucked up because there is no suction)! This all purple (think "purple power!"), wonderful tool will help you pick up lint, crumbs, and dirt without having to use electricity or a battery, disposable pads or even washable pads. It works fantastic with helping to get the Weekly Home Blessing done fast and efficiently, it is lightweight (which means it's easy to take from room to room and it doesn't tire you out when you use it), and it's easy to store (stand it up, hang it, or lay the handle flat to store ... you can even take the handle apart and store it that way if you're short on storage space. The "lay flat" feature is wonderful, too, for when it's time to do under the furniture). A tool that is a time saver and a space saver - PRICELESS!

The FlyLady ULTIMATE Cleaning Pack includes: